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Tapeworm Infection

How to protect YOU and YOUR pets!

Zoonosis to watch:
Tapeworm infection
A zoonosis (zoh-oh-NOH-sis) is an infectious disease that people can catch from
animals. Regular veterinary visits, deworming protocols, and good hygiene can help prevent them.

Worms with a flattened, ribbonlike appearance. 
Dogs & cats: Anal discomfort and itching that often results in pets dragging their hind ends
across the floor
People: Most are without symptoms, but diarrhea, abdominal pain, and anal itching are possible
How it’s transmitted
Dogs & cats: Ingesting infected fleas and tissue of infected animals like mice and rabbits
People: Ingesting infected fleas
People most at risk
• Children under 8 years old
How to prevent it
• Make sure all family pets receive strict monthly flea control.

Source: Julie Legred, CVT